Transport and Main Roads

Non-Ministerial Agencies

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Customer Services, Safety and Regulation

Level 13, Capital Hill Building
85 George Street, Brisbane Qld 4000
GPO Box 1549, Brisbane QLD 4001


Office of the Deputy Director-General(Customer Services, Safety and Regulation)
Deputy Director-General (Customer Services, Safety and Regulation) Graham Fraine
306 67220phone
306 67150fax
General Managers
Customer Services Branch Geoff Magoffin
306 65100phone
306 65125fax
Transport Regulation Branch Dr Judith Lloyd
306 67512phone
306 60743fax
Transport Safety Branch Mike Stapleton
306 63017phone
306 62420fax
Maritime Safety Queensland Patrick Quirk
306 63977phone
306 63999fax
Customer Services Branch
Level 3, Building B, Carseldine GOP
532 Beams Road, Carseldine Qld 4034
GPO Box 1412, Brisbane Qld 4001
Customer Services Branch is responsible for the overall management and co-ordination of external service delivery throughout Queensland.
General Manager (Customer Services Branch) Geoff Magoffin
306 65100phone
306 65125fax
A/Executive Co-ordinator Jaylana Taipari
306 61841phone
306 65125fax
Program Executive Director (Operational Service Delivery) Rajesh Mirchandani
306 65110phone
306 65125fax
Director (Business Services) Wendy Maloney
306 65102phone
306 65125fax
Director (Systems, Procedures and Training) Andrew Musgrave
306 65185phone
306 65243fax
Director (Research, Planning and Performance) Michael Crago
306 65179phone
306 65184fax
A/Director (Central Operations and Support) Kellie Cave
306 65182phone
306 65877fax
Director (Customer Service Direct) Greg Bubke
306 67850phone
306 68330fax
Regional Director (SEQ North) Carseldine Kellie Baillie
386 63101phone
386 63126fax
Regional Director (SEQ South) Logan Clive Lowe
329 08201phone
329 08250fax
A/Regional Director (Northern) Townsville Adam Ainsworth
475 87523phone
475 87511fax
A/Regional Director (Central) Rockhampton Nicholas Marsden
493 11749phone
492 12819fax
A/Regional Director (Southern) Toowoomba Steve Beck
463 90718phone
463 90843fax
Enquiries about Registration and Licensing
13 2380phone
Book a driving test or vehicle inspection
13 2390phone

Maritime Safety Queensland

Transport Regulation Branch
Floor 5, Transport House
230 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley Qld 4006
PO Box 673, Fortitude Valley Qld 4006

Transport Regulation Branch (TRB) manages access to, use of and shares responsibility for compliance on the state’s transport network with Customer Services Branch. TRB is charged with managing and reforming transport legislation, regulations and standards and setting key policies for access and use.

TRB brings together functional areas related to transport access and use and legislation which had previously been spread across TMR. This enables a more holistic approach to transport system access and legislation and enables efficiencies both within the department and, more critically, for community and industry users of the transport system.

General Manager (Transport Regulation) Dr Judith Lloyd
306 67512phone
306 60743fax
Executive Co-ordinator Courtney Phillips
306 37290phone
306 60743fax
Executive Director (Legislation and Standards) Paul Alsbury
306 67148phone
306 60743fax
A/Executive Director (Transport Access and Use) John Wroblewski
306 67175phone
Director (Prosecutions) Christina Heffner
306 67155phone
306 67431fax
Director (Transport Legislation Reform) Bruce Tait
306 62471phone
306 67431fax
Director (Vehicle and Vessel Standards) Werner Bundschuh
306 63844phone
306 63856fax
Director (Business Services) Damian Shirley
306 67331phone
306 60743fax
Director (Registration and Licensing) Andrew Mahon
306 62217phone
306 62110phone
Director (Compliance and Industry Authorisation) Mark Mitchell
306 61249phone
306 68201phone
Transport Safety Branch
General Manager (Land Transport Safety)Mike Stapleton
306 63017phone
325 34420fax
0409 058 908mobile
Principal Advisor (Office of the General Manager) Karly Merker
306 62326phone
306 62420fax
0400 794 841mobile
Executive Coordinator Wendy Wilson
306 62867phone
306 62420fax
A/Director (Road and Rail Safety) Peter Kolesnik
306 63741phone
306 62410fax
0408 887 049mobile
A/Director (Resource Management) Danny Costello
306 63899phone
306 63877fax
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