Premier and Cabinet

Non-Ministerial Agencies

Department of the Premier and Cabinet

Services Division

The division provides advice and services on matters concerned with Executive Government, Parliament, the Constitution, Executive Council, official visits, State occasions, ministerial correspondence, whole-of-government advertising and communications, events and protocol services to the Premier, security planning and coordination, multiculturalism, and corporate services to Ministerial Offices, non-government parties and independent members. The division also provides the delivery of services of a corporate nature to the department and associated agencies.


Office of the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director-General, Public Sector Renewal
4th Floor, Executive Building
300 39300phone
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director-General, Public Sector Renewal Ross Musgrove
300 39224phone
Strategic Advisor Sarah Papas
300 39222phone
Senior Administration Officer Sara Hughes
300 39223phone
Senior Administration Officer Bree-anne Veling
300 39300phone
Public Sector Renewal
3rd Floor, Executive Building
300 39434phone
General Manager Geoff Robson
300 39430phone
Executive Assistant Hailey Tarrant
300 39434phone
Productivity and Markets
300 39446phone
Executive Director Joanne Copp
300 39446phone
Executive Assistant Katy Hill
300 39448phone
Manager Partnerships, Collaboration and Liaison Debbie Yeo
300 39451phone
Market Pricing and Costing Analyst Katrina Maloney
300 39432phone
Commission of Audit Implementation
300 39441phone
Executive Director Scott Martin
300 39441phone
Executive Assistant Katy Hill
300 39448phone
Director Helen Sharpley
300 39443phone
Director Mark Jackson
300 39447phone
Project and Policy Officer Vivian Sawatzki
300 39449phone
Renewal Secretariat
Director Jane Albatal
300 39436phone
Principal Policy Officer Michelle Dixon
300 39444phone
Assistant Policy Officer Corryne Hatch
300 37445phone
Assistant Policy Officer Bronte Reid
300 39438phone
Renewal Reporting and Process Redesign
300 39212phone
Director Martelle Fisher
300 39212phone
Renewal Strategy and Communications
300 39433phone
Principal Advisor Amanda Beh
300 39443phone
Principal Presentation Coordinator Alisha Dean
300 39437phone
Principal Policy Officer David Runge
300 39294phone
Transport Renewal Taskforce
7th Floor, Capital Hill Building
306 67665phone
Chief Executive Kathy Byrne
306 37665phone
Senior Executive Assistant Sophie Webb
306 67474phone
Director Rob Lloyd-Jones
306 67209phone
Health Renewal Taskforce
16th Floor, 147-163 Charlotte Street
324 74814phone
Chief Executive Bill Brett
322 22911phone
Senior Executive Assistant Betty Callus
324 74814phone
Senior Executive Assistant Andrea Conway
323 40625phone
State Coordination of Legal Representation
3rd Floor, Executive Annexe
300 39397phone
Special Legal Advisor Lucinda Kasmer
300 39396phone
Support Officer Rebecca McDonough
300 39397phone
G20 State Coordination Unit
15th Floor, 53 Albert Street
Executive Director Terry Crane
300 39180phone
Senior Administration Officer Donna Spalding
300 39179phone
G20 Cultural Program
15th Floor, 53 Albert Street
Executive Director Phil Kesby
300 39470phone
Project Manager Jules Burton
300 39468phone
Senior Administration Katrina Ronne
300 39470phone
Government Services
4th Floor, Executive Building
300 39007phone
A/General Manager Tim Herbert
300 39279phone
Administration Manager Kaytee Almond
300 39278phone
Principal Advisor Alexandra Brouwer
300 39246phone
Appointments and Constitutional Services
4th Floor, Executive Building
300 39400phone
Director Leighton Craig
300 39229phone
Support Officer Seja Vogel
300 39400phone
Executive Council Enquiries Rebecca Goodair
300 32934phone
Principal Legal Officer TBA
Queensland Register of Nominees and Appointees to Government Bodies, Matthew Wilkinson
300 39224phone
Ministerial Services Branch
1st Floor, Executive Building
300 39068phone
Director Ian Street
300 39067phone
Support Officer Paolo Cecchini
300 39068phone
Manager, Human Resources Julie Collins
300 39080phone
Manager, Finance and Administration Chris Powell
300 39069phone
Manager, Information Technology Tim Gepp
303 5100phone
Ministerial IT Service Desk
303 55123phone
Anzac Centenary Coordination Unit (ACCU)
4rd Floor, Executive Building
300 39170phone
Executive Director Brad Cordery
300 39168phone
Executive Officer Liz McDonald
300 39169phone
Administration Support Officer Anna Mabin
300 39170phone
Strategic Engagement and Protocol
2nd Floor, Executive Building
300 39102phone
322 92990fax
Executive Director Anne Moffat
300 39101phone
Administration Manager Mindy Kayes
300 39102phone
Protocol Queensland
4th Floor, Executive Building
300 39253phone
322 46502fax
Director Ross Sue See
300 39256phone
A/Protocol Services Officer Kaylene Clifford
300 39253phone
Communication Services
2nd Floor, Executive Building
300 39125phone
322 92990fax
Director Tim Goodwin
300 39123phone
Office Coordinator Melinda Leighton
300 39125phone
Events Coordination
2nd Floor, Executive Building
300 39200phone
322 92990fax
Director Patrice Fogarty
300 39116phone
Support Officer Lara Canfield
300 39200phone
Corporate Services
1st Floor, Executive Building
General Manager Scott Peut
300 39046phone
A/Executive Assistant Jessica Crawford
300 39218phone
A/Principal Advisor Michelle Walter
300 39240phone
Corporate Governance
1st Floor, Executive Building
Executive Director, Corporate Governance Libby Gregoric
300 39460phone
/Director, Corporate Governance Georgia Voutsis
300 39060phone
Business Support Offices Kirsty Thorpe
300 39038phone
Right to Information and Privacy Enquiries Lucas Clarke
300 39230phone
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
1st Floor, Executive Building
Chief Financial Officer Dee Mundell
300 39050phone
Information Services
2nd Floor, Executive Building
Chief Information Officer Steve Allan
300 39007phone
Senior Advisor, ICT Planning Wendy Andersen
300 39003phone
Manager, Information Technology Services Ian Gibson
300 39011phone
Manager, Information Management Services Keith Rands
300 39097phone
Executive Correspondence Unit
4th Floor, Executive Building
300 39272phone
Director Mary Weaver
300 39269phone
Human Resources and Culture
1st Floor, Executive Building
Director Debbie Paterson
300 39030phone
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