Justice and Attorney-General

Non-Ministerial Agencies

Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Office of Fair and Safe Work Queensland

Level 20, State Law Building
50 Ann Street, Brisbane, Qld 4000
GPO Box 69, Brisbane, Qld 4001
Organisational chart
web: www.justice.qld.gov.au


Office of the Deputy Director-General
Acting Deputy Director-General Simon Blackwood
324 74877phone
324 74059fax
Executive Officer Natasha Carstens
324 74876phone
Service Delivery and Technical Support
Executive Director Peter Lamont
323 70216phone
Director and Chief Safety Engineer Michael Chan
387 47564phone
Director, Major Hazards Facilities Dangerous Goods Shoena Messner
387 47580phone
A/Director, Business Development Jason Korenromp
324 74965phone
Director, Legal and Prosecutions Services Peter Matthews
322 76090phone
Director, Equipment Safety and Licensing Brian Richardson
323 54435phone
Director and Chief Medical Officer, Occupational Health Branch Dr Ki Douglas
340 48161phone
Director, Corporate Strategy Michelle Brooker
302 06335phone
Manager, Awareness and Engagement George Buxton
387 47763phone
Workers Compensation and Policy Services
Senior Director Paul Goldsbrough
324 74652phone
Director, Workplace and Electrical Safety Policy Brad Bick
323 41809phone
Director, Data and Evaluation Sebastian Bielen
383 60166phone
Director, Workers' Compensation Policy, Insurer Services and MATS Janene Hillhouse
322 52276phone
Director - Review, Administration and Appeals John McDiarmid
302 06369phone
Manager, Education Promotion Sonia Minniecom
302 06417phone
Compliance and Business Engagement
A/Senior Director Julie Nielsen
324 79238phone
Director, Compliance Electrical Safety Office Michael Gibson
323 79844phone
Director, Business Assistance and Engagement Victoria Thomson
387 47740phone
A/Director, Work Health Safety Compliance Dean Saunders
324 74873phone
Private Sector Industrial Relations
Executive Director Tony James
322 52353phone
Senior Director, Building Construction Compliance Branch Wayne Jenkinson
303 30347phone
Director, Industrial Relations Policy Tricia Rooney
322 52412phone
Director, Industrial Relations Services Tony Schostakowski
322 52295phone
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